Monthly Archives: December 2017

Featuring Matching Grant for Nantucket Food, Fuel, and Rental Assistance

In 2017 the Community Foundation awarded over $160,000 to local nonprofits through the Nantucket Fund™. Over 50% of these grants in the past two years were directed where our community told us the needs were the greatest – Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, Access to Affordable Housing and Affordable Quality After-School Childcare.

In addition to our annual grants cycle in July, we were thrilled to announce a matching grant from the Foundation’s Nantucket Fund to Nantucket Food, Fuel, and Rental Assistance. This fall we matched any gift made to NFFRA up to $10,000.

The Nantucket Fund grant was matched more than three times over, and raised over $40,000 to help provide direct support to Nantucketers.

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