Nantucket Fund Grants

The Nantucket Fund is the Foundation’s unrestricted source to provide community grants to financially support and focus attention on the Island’s most critical needs and initiatives.

Eligibility and Criteria for Applying for a Nantucket Fund Grant

Nantucket Fund grants are available only to organizations with 501(c)(3) tax status, municipalities, or religious organizations that deliver programs and services to Nantucket residents.

The Foundation encourages grant requests for projects and programs on Nantucket that

  • Are likely to have substantial impact on the quality of life of people in the community, especially in the following areas
    • Mental Health
    • Substance Use
    • Housing
    • Affordable Childcare
    • Year-round transportation
    • Senior Well-Being
    • Diversity Initiatives
  • Propose practical ways to address community issues and challenges
  • Leverage other sources of support (i.e. funds or volunteers)
  • Stimulate others to participate in addressing community challenges
  • Assist nonprofit organizations to maximize effective management
  • Are cooperative efforts, which minimize or eliminate duplication of services
  • Are sustainable over time

Application Instructions for a Nantucket Fund Grant

Instructions: When submitting your Nantucket Fund Application please follow these instructions and review the list below carefully.

  1. Submit applications by the deadline of 4:30pm on May 9, 2019. Please send applications to Jeanne Miller and Carlisle Jensen via email: and
  2. Read the Eligibility and Criteria and sign the Acknowledgement Form attached to the application, which confirms your understanding that receipt of your submission does not imply eligibility or approval
  3. Keep a copy of your submission for your files. If mailing applications, please do not use staples, binders or folders for the originals
  4. Please do not include videos, promotional materials or any additional information other than what is requested

All Applications should include the following:

  • Completed 2019 Grant Application, including signed Acknowledgment Form
  • Names and addresses of your current Board of Trustees
  • Copy of the letter from the IRS granting 501(c) (3) tax status and any subsequent IRS letters relating to your organization’s status
  • Copy of your most recent Form 990N, 990EZ, or 990 and complete financial statements in accordance with Commonwealth of Massachusetts requirements

Nantucket Fund Grant Application – Word

Nantucket Fund Grant Application – PDF