Nantucket Offshore Wind Community Fund Grant GRANT CYCLE CLOSED

Established as part of the Good Neighbor Agreement between Vineyard Wind, the Town of Nantucket, and the Nantucket Preservation Trust, the Nantucket Offshore Wind Community Fund provides grants to tax-exempt organizations, municipalities, the Town of Nantucket (departments, boards, and commissions), and community groups that deliver programs and services to Nantucket residents.

Eligibility and Criteria for Applying for a Nantucket Offshore Wind Community Fund Grant

The Wind Community Fund is looking for applications that meet one of the following impact areas:

    1. To support and promote renewable energy development.
    2. To combat the effects of global climate change.
    3. To enhance coastal resiliency.
    4. To protect, restore, and preserve cultural and historic resources.

In addition, there are restrictions on the scope of activities the Nantucket Offshore Wind Community Fund is able to support.  In general, these grants are not awarded for:

    • Unrestricted general operating expenses
    • Religious organizations for religious purposes
    • Umbrella funding organizations that intend to distribute funds at their own discretion
    • Capital campaigns
    • Political lobbying or legislative activities
    • Individuals

Application Instructions for a Nantucket Offshore Wind Community Fund Grant

Applications Closed: Applications for the Nantucket Offshore Wind Community Fund Grant are now closed. Grants will be awarded in late spring.

All applications will be reviewed by the 8-member advisory committee made up of: Mary Bergman, Lauren Sinatra, Matt Fee, Jermery Bloomer, Niles Parker, Chris Hoffman, Maureen Philips, and Rachel Patcher.

The Community Foundation will award grants only to organizations that have met all the deadlines for project reporting, follow up and accountability for any previous grants from the Foundation.

2024 Grant Recipients

Funding provided through the Good Neighbor Agreement was established for the Town of Nantucket, Nantucket Preservation Trust, and Maria Mitchell Association, and makes possible the Nantucket Offshore Wind Community Fund open to applications for Nantucket-based nonprofit organizations. This year’s grant awards include:

Town Of Nantucket– Total award: $223,078:

  • Department of Culture & Tourism -Virtual Visitor Guide
  • Cemetery Commission- Historic Colored Cemetery Walking Tour Virtual Guide
  • Department of Public Works- Solar project on Nobadeer Farm Rd. Field House
  • Planning and Land Use- Historic Properties Survey Plan
  • Sewer Dept.- Solar project on Surfside Rd. Sewer Plant
  • Landbank & TON Select Board- Washington Street-Outreach and communication.
  • Wannacomet Water Company- Solar project on main office building

Nantucket Preservation Trust – Total Award amount $304,453:

  • Design and printing of annual preservation magazine, Ramblings, for two years.
  • Reprinting Off Centre: The Wesco Acre Lots, The Houses and Their Histories
  • Integrity and Condition Study of the Nantucket Historical Land District to document major changes that have occurred since its destination in 1966.
  • Preservation Easements Program that works to support the creation, administration, and defense of historic preservation easements.

Community Fund -Total award: $254,462

  • First Congregational Church Community Group- Stormwater Management Project
  • Independent Order of Odd Fellows- Energy Optimization Heat Pumps
  • NHA Properties, Inc./Housing Nantucket- Solar panels for affordable rental units
  • Nantucket New School & Strong Wings- Solar power system for campus buildings
  • Linda Loring Nature Foundation- Resilience Restoration Project at North Head of Long Pond
  • Mass Audubon Nantucket Sanctuaries- First phase of Forest Management and Resilience Initiative at Lost Farm Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Artist Association of Nantucket- Preservation of Permanent Collection
  • Nantucket Historical Association- Year 2 of a disaster and climate risk management plan for historic properties.
  • Nantucket Island School of Design- Solar panels on historic Long Shed Ceramics and Fine Arts Studio building
  • Nantucket Conservation Foundation – Solar panels at Squam Farm
  • Nantucket Conservation Foundation – Engineering and design steps for Nantucket’s first raised bridge at Medouie Creek
  • Nantucket Boys & Girls Club- Solar panels to the main building

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