We’re one of the Top Community Foundation’s in the Country

The Community Foundation for Nantucket is delighted to share that we have been ranked in the top ten Community Foundations in the country for grant distribution rate and gifts per-capita.

Data was collected from 269 Community Foundations across the country and the Foundation was ranked number #6 with a 30% distribution rate. This rate is calculated by dividing the Foundation’s total grants by total assets. CFN closed 2017 with over $8.5 million in assets under management, and awarded over $2.5 million in grants – 85% of which were awarded to Nantucket nonprofits.
           CFN Scholarship Recipients – in 2017 CFN awarded over $45,000 in scholarship grants.  
The Foundation was ranked number #9 in gifts per capita. It was calculated that the Foundation receives $355 per year-round resident on Nantucket. This ranking is calculated by dividing the Foundation’s total gifts by population of the Foundation’s service area.
  Photos from a Nantucket Fund Grant Program with STAR and Nantucket Community Sailing 
Groundbreaking at Housing Nantucket’s newest Affordable Rental Units  – with the help of Community Foundation for Nantucket Grants and community leadership 
These numbers are provided by The Columbus Survey in partnership with CF insights of the Foundation Center. The Columbus Survey is known by many as the “census of the Community Foundation field,” started by the Columbus Foundation in 1988, and administered by CF Insights since 2008. The Columbus Survey collects data to uncover financial trends and operational activity among community foundations in the
United States.
The  Community Foundation Team 
“Over the past ten years our Community Foundation has seen tremendous growth; it is truly amazing to see where we compare to Community Foundations across the country. Every day we work to make a difference on Nantucket and are proud to quantify the impact we are having on the Island” said Margaretta Andrews, CFN Executive Director.