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Contributing to Your Fund

The Community Foundation for Nantucket offers several easy contribution options. If you have any questions, please contact us at (508) 825-9993.


Cash gifts can be made by check or online. Make a gift now

You may also make a wire transfer of cash.

Wire Transfer Instructions

Please alert Community Foundation for Nantucket of any wire transfer gift with a letter or faxed note. Instructions for each type of gift are detailed below. If you would like to make a gift of unrestricted or closely-held securities, please call us for instructions.

Wire Transfers of Cash

Please include the amount of the gift in your letter or faxed note.

Wire to: Nantucket Bank 104 Pleasant Street
Nantucket, MA 02554
ABA #211370134
For credit to: Greater Horizons fbo Community Foundation for Nantucket Account No.: 88 0285605
Contribution to: Your fund’s name


A gift of stock enables you to avoid capital gains taxes.

Stock Transfer Instructions

Wire transfer of government securities, stock, corporate bonds and other marketable securities:

Please list your shares, the name of the brokerage you are using and include your signature in your letter or faxed note to Community Foundation for Nantucket.

Please include the fund name, a description of the shares and the name of the brokerage firm in your communication to the Foundation.

Wire to: National Financial DTC #0226
For credit to: Greater Horizons fbo Community Foundation for Nantucket
Account No.: NEX-003131
Contribution to: FUND NAME
Following is suggested language:
“I am donating the following shares to Greater Horizons for Community Foundation for Nantucket to be added to Your fund’s name. Please sell the shares immediately upon receipt.”

Government securities, including treasury bills, notes, bonds and FNMAs

Please contact Community Foundation for Nantucket directly at (508) 825-9993. Community Foundation for Nantucket must authorize acceptance of these securities.