It’s Community Foundation Week 2017

This week is national Community Foundation Week.
Our work succeeds because people like you believe in building a strategic legacy that will impact future generations.  The Community Foundation for Nantucket is one of more than 800 community foundations in the United States. We are dedicated to growing philanthropy to meet the most critical needs of the people on our island, today and tomorrow.  The Community Foundation for Nantucket has three main functions: grant maker, community convener and charitable fund holder.

Grants are the primary means by which the Community Foundation for Nantucket improves and enhances the Island. The Foundation provides its expertise and objectivity in determining the most beneficial use for funds available for grant making.  The Foundation awards grants through its own unrestricted fund, the Nantucket Fund, the ReMain Nantucket Fund, and Healthy Nantucket 2020 in partnership with Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

The Community Foundation has an ongoing commitment to convene and learn from community leaders and stakeholders.  We work with members of our board of trustees, civic leaders, and nonprofit organizations to thoroughly understand where people need help. Today, the most pressing need might be for housing or mental health support. Tomorrow, the need could be for services to address the challenges of our elderly population or erosion on the island.

Like most community foundations, the Community Foundation for Nantucket serves as an umbrella to many funds. Our Community Foundation administers more than 90 funds, including donor-advised funds, endowment funds, scholarship funds, and field of interest funds that support community initiatives.

We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed to our success, and we look forward to growing our work together! Thanks for a great 2017!

Interested to learn how the Community Foundation is Nantucket’s social impact partner, helping ALL of Nantucket? From encouraging the arts and mental health to affordable housing solutions, browse our website or MAKE A GIFT today!

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