“We are so grateful for the support and generosity of the Community Foundation for Nantucket!  Our members are able to learn, grow and play in a fun and familiar place, and families feel confident their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. ”

Jamie Foster, Executive Director, Nantucket Boys & Girls Club


“Health Imperatives is so grateful for the tremendous support of The Nantucket Fund! Their generous funding makes it possible for us to reach out to Nantucket families and individuals who are struggling, empower them with information and support, link them to our services, and provide them with crucial care and resources. Thanks to The Nantucket Fund, we are able to deliver sexual and reproductive health care, WIC nutrition assistance, services for young parents, and a variety of workshops and support groups that improve health and well-being. We are so proud to partner with The Nantucket Fund to help the island’s most vulnerable residents!”

Julia E. Kehoe, President and CEO of Health Imperatives

“As the principal of the the nominating committee for the Book Festival  I found this year’s Nantucket Nonprofit Leadership conference incredibly helpful and inspiring. We are now seeking new candidates and officers for the committee and found myself quoting one of the presenters, Ms. Fridman. She said “think about where your organization WANTS TO GO when you are looking for new board members”.  This quote and other lessons learned from the conference started a productive conversation at our last meeting.”

Annye Camara, Nantucket Book Foundation Trustee and Small Business Owner