“The Nantucket Fund has been a tremendous resource for support of the island’s non-profits, and specifically the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation brought out the best of the island, when it could have gone another way with angst, nerves and fears about what the island could or couldn’t handle. ” Lauren Marttila, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Nantucket Boys & Girls Club

The Nantucket Fund and the Nantucket Fund for Emergency Relief both awarded

“The Community Foundation for Nantucket has been a godsend to our organization. In “normal times” the Nantucket Fund has consistently helped us to feed the hungry and keep island residents facing short term financial difficulty in their rental homes. In this past “COVID season” we could not have survived without the CFN’s help as our requests for assistance tripled from March through June. We could never have served so many islanders were it not for CFN’s help, guidance, and moral support. The CFN and their Nantucket Fund is a treasure that the island non-profits and island residents are so lucky to have.”

Janis Carreiro,
Executive Director, Nantucket Food, Fuel, Rental Assistance

“As the principal of the the nominating committee for the Book Festival  I found this year’s Nantucket Nonprofit Leadership conference incredibly helpful and inspiring. We are now seeking new candidates and officers for the committee and found myself quoting one of the presenters, Ms. Fridman. She said “think about where your organization WANTS TO GO when you are looking for new board members”.  This quote and other lessons learned from the conference started a productive conversation at our last meeting.”

Annye Camara, Nantucket Book Foundation Trustee and Small Business Owner