Group of kids working on an art project at a table.

“We love the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club and their Power Hour program because it allows our son Andrew to complete homework or read a book in a quiet, supervised atmosphere. Danny has been an important part of Andrew’s after school routine, helping him with any homework questions that he may have. Having the Power Hour program allows Andrew to complete his homework and then be able to participate in other club activities like sports or in the computer lab. The Power Hour program eliminates fighting over homework in the evening and allows us to have more family time.”

TJ and Jaimee Lavin on The Nantucket Fund Grant to the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club

Olivia Funderburg

“Receiving the William H. Brown Scholarship gave me a new appreciation for the Nantucket community and the support it has always given me-my scholarship is one of the many ways the island has helped me pursue my goals in different areas”

Olivia Funderburg, a recent graduate of Wellesley College who received this scholarship for all 4 years.

“As the principal of the the nominating committee for the Book Festival  I found this year’s Nantucket Nonprofit Leadership conference incredibly helpful and inspiring. We are now seeking new candidates and officers for the committee and found myself quoting one of the presenters, Ms. Fridman. She said “think about where your organization WANTS TO GO when you are looking for new board members”.  This quote and other lessons learned from the conference started a productive conversation at our last meeting.”

Annye Camara, Nantucket Book Foundation Trustee and Small Business Owner