“The Community Foundation for Nantucket has been a godsend to our organization. In “normal times” the Nantucket Fund has consistently helped us to feed the hungry and keep island residents facing short term financial difficulty in their rental homes. In this past “COVID season” we could not have survived without the CFN’s help as our requests for assistance tripled from March through June. We could never have served so many islanders were it not for CFN’s help, guidance, and moral support. The CFN and their Nantucket Fund is a treasure that the island non-profits and island residents are so lucky to have.”

Janis Carreiro,
Executive Director, Nantucket Food, Fuel, Rental Assistance

“We are so grateful for the support and generosity of the Community Foundation for Nantucket!  Our members are able to learn, grow and play in a fun and familiar place, and families feel confident their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. ”

Jamie Foster, Executive Director, Nantucket Boys & Girls Club


Olivia Funderburg

“Receiving the William H. Brown Scholarship gave me a new appreciation for the Nantucket community and the support it has always given me-my scholarship is one of the many ways the island has helped me pursue my goals in different areas”

Olivia Funderburg, a recent graduate of Wellesley College who received this scholarship for all 4 years.