Nantucket Looms Scholarship Fund

To fund scholarships for Nantucket High School graduates pursuing careers in the field of fiber arts, textile design or interior design.

In honor of Nantucket Looms’ 50th anniversary, a scholarship fund has been created to celebrate the legacy of a business dedicated to the craft of hand weaving and the support of the local arts community since its founding in 1968.

A $2,500 scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis to a Nantucket High School graduate pursuing a career in the field of fiber arts, textile design or interior design.

Nantucket Looms has a remarkable history of producing luxury handwoven textiles that have adorned the halls of the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.; graced Chanel’s corporate board room in Paris; and upholstered Bill Gates’ private airplane. Master Weaver and Nantucket Looms founder, Andy Oates’, “Linen & Ramie” fabric was honored as one of “Top Ten Textiles of the 20st Century”. The Looms has also represented thousands of artisans throughout its fifty year history. Now offering full design services, Nantucket Looms has become one of the premiere interior design firms on island.

In this day in age, where young people’s lives are increasingly technology-focused, we would like to provide concrete financial support to nurture one student’s creative spirit, and in so doing, help keep the arts alive.

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