Featuring The William H. Brown Scholarship

The William H. Brown Scholarship Fund was established in the memory of Will Brown by his family in 2012. The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to provide two scholarships of $5000 per year for four years to two graduating seniors who are Nantucket Residents. The Scholarship Advisory Committee looks for students who display creativity, moral integrity, curiosity, and the desire to learn about and contribute to the greater world.

The students who receive this scholarship are enrolled in a four year accredited college or university, and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better in order to continue to qualify. While this scholarship is not awarded solely on the basis of need, the Advisory Committee may take applicants’ financial needs into consideration. To assist the Advisory Committee in making its selection, applicants were asked to provide a personal essay of their own choosing, as well as an indication of potential areas of study.

We would like to introduce you to three William H. Brown Scholars.


Casey Ledway received the scholarship 4 years ago and just graduated from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont.

“I was born and raised on Nantucket, it’s an amazing experience to be nestled in such a loving community and know that no matter where I am they’ll help to raise me up with open arms and open hearts. Without the help of the Community Foundation for Nantucket and the William H. Brown Scholarship I would not have been able to attend such a beautiful college and realize my full potential. With every class I attended, I knew there was piece of home with me and a group of caring Islanders by my side. Now, with the help of CFN, I too will be able to help future generations on the Island to experience the greatness of the community around them.”


Olivia Funderburg is heading into her junior year at Wellesley College and says,“Being a recipient of the William H. Brown scholarship enables me to attend my school of choice and fully engage in my education without my family having added financial stress. Additionally, the mission of the Brown scholarship inspires me to be involved with the Wellesley College community while simultaneously pursuing my career goals and other opportunities without limitations.” 

Nicole Gottlieb just received the scholarship in 2016 and is starting her freshman year at Providence College in the fall.


“I would like to thank the William H. Brown scholarship committee for this incredible honor and for their generosity. This scholarship has made it possible for me to attend Providence College, my first school of choice. At Providence, I plan to major in Special and Elementary Education as well as continue my study of ceramics. Through teaching swim lessons and practicing ceramics for the past 7 years, I have fallen in love with both of these subjects. I am so excited to continue growing these passions at Providence through the help of the William H. Brown scholarship.”

Congratulations to all recipients of this scholarship and for the people that made it possible to help these young Nantucket residents further their education and purse their dreams.


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