Featuring The Be Well Children’s Health Fair


The Be Well Children’s Health Fair was held on March 20, 2016 at Great Harbor Yacht Club. The Fair was a direct result of a questionnaire which asked, “Has Nantucket Cottage Hospital ever considered?” An overwhelming amount of responses on the questionnaire were in favor of hosting a pediatric health fair. With the help of a committee and grant dollars from the Nantucket Fund™, planning for the event began in 2015.


It was important to this group that it be a community event and very collaborative in nature. Due to the diverse background of the advisors there was a wealth of resources and they were able to invite a large varied group of community members. As identified in the schedule of events and thank you ad (see below) there were over 53 community and business partners, 27 volunteers and 22 PFAC members that helped to make this event a reality.


The Great Harbor Yacht Club created a sense of warmth for the event and the activities for the children created a party atmosphere. From a puppet show with Nanpuppets to Nantucket’s Photobooth, from live music to free health screenings, the events kept kids and families educated and entertained.

Processed with MOLDIVPeople filled out surveys to give feedback on the Health Fair and they were overwhelmingly positive. “I was a visiting family and came to this event. I thought it was lovely. I enjoyed seeing all the services that are available to Nantucket residents and thought it quite helpful to have them all together for an event that combined education and fun. A great event,” wrote one attendee.

Many commented on the education they received from the event pertaining to nutrition, our Island hospital and its future, special needs, and more! The event truly exemplified Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s commitment to community and our Island families.

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Interested to learn more how the Nantucket Fund™ helps ALL of Nantucket? From substance abuse to the homeless, from education to events such as the Be Well Health Fair, visit our website, here or

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