Featuring Matching Grant for Nantucket Food, Fuel, and Rental Assistance

Earlier this year, the Nantucket Interfaith Council, with funding from a Community Foundation ReMain Nantucket Grant, initiated a capacity building exercise.

The goals of the exercise were to build the functions that would help to bring greater visibility, a clearer message, and improved fundraising to its critical outreach programs: the Nantucket Food Pantry, the Nantucket Rental Assistance Program, and the Fuel Assistance Program. The Nantucket Interfaith Council has re-named its outreach services as the Nantucket Food, Fuel, and Rental Assistance,” (NFFRA) created a new tagline to read “Community – Compassion – Confidentiality” and approved a new logo (above) to give a clear visual identity to the new structure.


The Foundation’s Nantucket Fund™ will match any new gifts made from mid-September to mid-November, up to a total of $10,000, and encourage all Nantucketers to join us!

“This grant is an example of the Nantucket Fund’s ability to respond to the community’s most pressing needs. As we head into the winter months, the work of the Nantucket Food, Fuel and Rental Assistance is acutely important. We are grateful that investors in the Nantucket Fund have made it possible to respond to both future and immediate needs of our community,” says Margaretta Andrews, Executive Director of the Community Foundation for Nantucket.

Janis Carreiro, Director of Rental and Fuel Assistance, writes, “This grant is an important signal to our community about the power of philanthropy to rally around the needs of the people who live on the island. The Nantucket Fund is an inspiration and we hope many donors will follow their lead.”

Gifts can be made directly to Nantucket Food, Fuel and Rental Assistance
https://www.assistnantucket/ org/support-us






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