The Benefits of Working with Us

Whether you are a financial advisor, attorney, accountant or investment manager, the Community Foundation for Nantucket can be a valuable partner in your practice.

We offer access to a range of charitable giving options, plus broad familiarity with Nantucket’s nonprofits and community programs. Working together, we can help ensure that your clients’ charitable investments provide not only the greatest financial benefit, but also the greatest civic benefit and personal satisfaction. If you also manage your clients’ assets, our Financial Advisor Program allows you to continue managing them no matter what type of charitable vehicle they choose.

Here are just some of the ways that charitable giving can address your clients’ concerns while enhancing the services you offer them:

Your Client Is….
A Charitable Solution
Interested in supporting a certain aspect of Nantucket life (such as the arts, education or the environment), but wants to learn more about Island organizations or programs Contact us for an informational meeting with you and your client
Charitably minded, but not yet sure which charities to support Suggest a Donor Advised Fund.  Your client gets an immediate tax deduction for contributions to the fund, but can suggest grants from the fund over time while benefiting from our broad community knowledge
Involved in estate planning that includes retirement plan assets Remind the client that non-spousal beneficiaries will owe income and estate taxes on inherited retirement plan assets. Leaving the assets to charity may be considerably more tax-efficient
Considering or already has a private foundation, but might prefer a simpler program offering similar flexibility Consider a Donor Advised Fund as a convenient, cost-efficient and tax-wise alternative
Concerned  about high capital gains tax exposure on stocks or other appreciated property Contact us about donating the asset to CFN,  creating a named charitable fund and reducing or eliminating capital gains taxes
Interested in honoring or memorializing a family member, friend or other individual Consider a establishing scholarship or other fund in the person’s name
Holding a life insurance policy that is no longer needed There are many ways to donate a life insurance policy and achieve tax benefits plus a sizeable charitable legacy

Learn more about your giving options by accessing Types of Funds, Planned Giving and our Comparison Chart (PDF).