Communicating Your Grant

When a grant is made and gets publicized, the benefit is widespread. You receive positive attention for the important work you are doing, which can spark the interest of other funders; and the Foundation and its donors are recognized, promoting other investments in community projects.

We encourage our grantees to publicize grants from The Community Foundation. Identifying The Community Foundation as a source of support lends credibility to our collective efforts. You can publicize The Community Foundation’s support in a number of ways:

  • Mention The Community Foundation’s grant support in your organization’s materials, including press releases, annual reports, newsletters, brochures, social media, etc. When doing so, please use the following language: Funding provided (or funded in part) by a grant from The Community Foundation for Nantucket.
  • Create a link on your website to The Community Foundation. By including a link to our website, you help increase traffic to both our sites. You can also include the Foundation’s logo on your website, when appropriate.
  • Issue a news release to the media. Remember to tell your story through the people you help and the impact you have on your community. Adding photos to your stories and articles will help demonstrate your impact. Often, the media is more interested in hearing directly from a nonprofit organization and the people it benefits. If we coordinate our efforts, we can be more successful in getting the word out. We welcome copies of publications or media coverage and will share this information with donors and Board members when appropriate.
  • Include the Foundation’s name and logo on signs or plaques that recognize donors at your events or facilities.
  • Support The Community Foundation’s marketing efforts through the following: submit stories of success and photos of your organization and/or work. When submitting photos, please send one or two high-resolution images that best show your work, plus a brief description that may be used in our print and electronic newsletters, annual report or donor engagement pieces.

When the grant is complete:

  • Consider opportunities to share your success and thank your donors again.
  • Did a small grant leverage more funds?
  • Did a pilot program launch a new initiative?
  • Your current funders are your best source for future grants, so help us keep your organization in the spotlight by continually making the connection between your great work and the investment from The Community Foundation.
  • Social media is especially appropriate to celebrate end-of-grant success. If you put something on your website, send us the link and we will share it.

Logo Use

We encourage you to use our logo where suitable. Please let us know how you plan to use the logo so we can provide you with the proper digital version. For a copy of our logo, contact Jeanne Miller, Program Director.

Photo Opportunities

Take advantage of opportunities to capture and share appealing images. The Community Foundation features grant recipients in our printed publications, on our website and on our Facebook page. Please share your images with us. With advance notice, we can often arrange to attend events or visit programs.

Contact us with questions or for assistance.