Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee members reflect a diverse representation of the Nantucket community, both year-round and seasonal. Members of the Committee are elected annually by the Board. The Advisory Committee convenes annually to discuss the needs of the community and to make recommendations to the Board on ways to address those needs. Advisory Committee members are updated on grant-making and other activities of the Foundation so that they are able to help the general public develop an awareness of and involvement in the policies, purposes, objectives, and operations of the Foundation.

Molly Anderson

Liliana Andrade

John Beach

Jason Bridges

Josh Brown

Zona Butler

Janis Carreiro

Renee Ceely

Rachel Chretien

Rob Cocuzzo

Ann Colgrove

Mike Cozort

Steve Davis

Penny Dey

Kevin Dineen

Dan Drake

Greta Feeney

Ella Finn

Libby Gibson

Joe Hale

Patricia Harding

Khaled Hashem

Anna Patricia Hull

Jim Kelly

Ann Kuszpa

Peter MacKay

Tim Madden

Gene Mahon

Neil Marttila

Eileen McGrath

Michelle Meckler

Beth Ann Meehan

Maria Partida

Tess Pearson

Jim Perelman

Bill Pittman

Patrick Ridge

Marjan Shirzad

Georgia Ann Snell

Phil Stambaugh

Marianne Stanton

Michael Varbalow

David Worth

Mimi Young