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Nantucket Island Resorts Charity Brunch Recipients

The Nantucket Island Resorts Charity Brunch is Sunday,  April 19, 2015 at the Brant Point Grill.   All of us at The Community Foundation for Nantucket encourage you to attend.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 2.04.09 PM

The event will honor two organizations that hold funds with us!

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.52.05 PMFriends of Our Island Home established a charitable fund through the Community Foundation for Nantucket.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 2.47.07 PMAcknowledging their two year anniversary in July, the FoOIH’s vision has always been to help reconnect Our Island Home residents with the Nantucket community and raise money with the mission of enhancing the daily lives of their residents.  Through donations of time, energy and money they support programs, education, materials, equipment and activities which would otherwise be unavailable.


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This year the Nantucket Star Program is also being invited to take part in the occasion.  They are an organization dedicated to providing activities and therapies to children with special needs. Their mission is to provide specialized, therapeutic, accessible recreation, and adaptive sports to children with a wide range of challenges and disabilities and to leave no child behind due to the degree of challenges, be it physical, mental, emotional, or neurological.  Nantucket Star has chosen to create an Organizational Fund with the Community Foundation in order to invest their Endowment/rainy day funds.

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Both organizations have been invited to be recipients at the Nantucket Resorts Charity Brunch.   There is a suggested donation of $50 which will be given to the charity of your choice. Checks for FoOIH are made payable to CFN/Friends of Our Island Home and checks to The Nantucket Star Program should be made out to STAR!  In addition to the “ticket donation,” there will be envelopes available on the individual tables to make any additional donations for either charity.

 What a way to celebrate the spring season by honoring those that work so hard to make our Island a better place for all of its community members. Thank you on behalf of the Community Foundation for Nantucket and we will see you at brunch on April 19th!

Alliance For Substance Abuse Prevention – Nantucket

In December of 2014, the Community Foundation for Nantucket awarded grants through the  Nantucket Fund™ to 27 deserving Nantucket nonprofits.  Now in 2015, we are excited to feature and highlight these nonprofits and their amazing efforts.  We asked each recipient a series of questions that get to the heart of their organization and how it benefits our Island community. First up is a nonprofit that keeps us working together as a community to prevent and reduce substance abuse on Nantucket. 

It’s the A.S.A.P…

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1)    How does your nonprofit help the Nantucket community?

The Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention provides education and resources for youth, caregivers and community on the issues of alcohol and substance abuse. Our goal is to reduce and/or eliminate substance abuse among youth and adult populations by creating a sustainable strategy that includes prevention, community coalition building and changing cultural norms.


2)        What does our Nantucket community mean to you and your nonprofit?

The Nantucket community is very important to A.S.A.P. We are currently working on building a coalition of support for our mission by engaging all twelve sectors of the Nantucket community as well as individual businesses, groups and associations.

A.S.A.P would like to see a community of healthy individuals who can provide positive role models for its youth.  Substance abuse and addiction are public health issues, which threaten the vitality of a community.


3)        Tell us a specific story of how your nonprofit has benefited someone in our Nantucket community.

A.S.A.P strives to reach a broad audience so it is difficult to tell a story concerning an individual. I can tell you however, that following the presentations that were given this year, one in October on opiate addiction and a recent presentation from Operation Parent, we received much positive feed back and comments and were asked if there would be more informative events in the future.

4)        In one sentence, tell us your thoughts on the Community Foundation for Nantucket and how you think it benefits the Nantucket community and all your efforts as a nonprofit.

The Community Foundation for Nantucket is a valuable asset to our community at large as it provides funding for many important initiatives that otherwise would not come to fruition.

5)        Where did your grant dollars specifically go this year?

This year was ASAP’s first funding experience with the Community Foundation for Nantucket. We used the funds to hire a speaker from an organization called Operation Parent to give two presentations to parents, caregivers and community members, on the issues of Social Media and Facts about Drugs and Alcohol.


6)        Any event dates for your nonprofit coming up in 2015?

The Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention is helping to sponsor an event with the Nantucket Behavioral Health Task Force on March 28, 2015. It is a symposium featuring Dr. Amy Yule, an adolescent psychiatrist with the Addiction Management Recovery Services program with Partners Health.


We are also sponsoring a presentation with Ms. Ginger Katz from the Courage to Speak Foundation on heroin addiction and youth empowerment. She will present to community members on May 14th and to the middle school student population on May 15, 2015.

For further information on the A.S.A.P, Contact:

Holly McGowan or Carrie Keyes


Phone: 508-221-0392

and follow them on Facebook!

Thank you A.S.A.P. for keeping Nantucket healthy!


Nantucket Culinary Class Wins Competition!

Congratulations to the Culinary Arts Team at the Nantucket High School for winning the ProStart Invitational Competition on March 3, 2015 hosted at the Hill View Country Club in North Reading, Massachusetts.  The Community Foundation for Nantucket is honored to  hold two funds to support this program, and thrilled to see such great success come from it.


The team, led by Tom Proch, is from left to right: Antoinette Beckford, Chelsea Clarkson and Abigail Lewis. They won first place out of eight teams at the Massachusetts State Competition.

The ProStart Invitational introduces students to the hospitality field, from formulating business ideas to the culinary arts.  Student teams from across the county demonstrate their business acumen and culinary skill and the winning teams earn scholarships, honors and the opportunity to compete against the very best teams from other states at the National ProStart Invitational April 18-20, 2015 in Anaheim, California.


We chatted with Tom Proch, the new Culinary Arts instructor at the high school and former head chef at The Club Car, to get the scoop on this  second consecutive win for the Nantucket team.

“The competition introduces students to the hospitality field and it is not easy,” says Tom.  “The teams have to formulate a three course meal and all that it entails from the measurements to the cost.  Once we get to the competition, the girls are on their own with only 60 minutes and two small butane burners  to produce their menu.”

The mouth watering three course menu was as follows:

Appetizer – Sliced red and golden beets layered with dill goat cheese served with an arugula mix, white balsamic vinaigrette and candied walnuts.

Entree – Pan Seared salmon with soy honey glaze, served with shitake mushroom risotto, butternut squash, yellow and green zucchini and brussel sprouts

Dessert – Almond Bavarian with chocolate ganache, raspberry sauce, fresh kiwi topped with pulled sugar. 

“The judges were so impressed with the girls’ positive energy, confidence, organization, and the fact that they were having fun during the stressful competition,” reported Tom. “These qualities and Antoinette’s precise filleting of the salmon in front of the judges really clinched the win for this team.” The team will now take the accolades of winning and the judges’ critiques to the national competition in April.


Tom shares, “I love the hospitality business!  My goal as an instructor is not to necessarily make professional chefs, but help the students be able to cook for their families and learn that life skill.  I enjoy sharing my stories and the places I have worked and the people I have cooked for.  The program and these competitions prove to these students that if they work hard they can accomplish their goals.”  

We congratulate the team and Tom again for their win and wish them all the best at the national competition! Thank you for representing Nantucket so well with all you bring to the table!